Turning, milling, and mechanical adjustment

Turning, milling, and mechanical adjustment

We have machines to meet turning, milling, adjusting (drilling, threading, and sanding) processes for non-serial production, maintenance parts, pre-CNC machining, and finishing of parts.

We also have a number of mechanical machinery to perform several services: 

  • 2 Cleaver mechanic lathes

  • Length between centers: 1500mm 

  • Permissible diameter: 660mm 

  • 9 drilling machines having 60-1760 rpm for drilling and threading operations with machinery driven by belt or gear

  • Atlas 7/30 rolling mill for threads up to 30mm 

  • Camporesi B7 broaching machine having 7000kg maximum traction force and 1250mm overall length

  • Mechanical gear hobbing machine



We seek to be always updated on the selection and use of appropriate and high-tech tools. We work with inserted tools selected together with suppliers who provide the technical support and updates, thus using appropriate drills and reamers which offer good quality and durability as well as inserted tools that deliver better results, durability, and productivity. 



  • Flexibility in making adjustments and maintenance 

  • Possibility of working with varied-dimension raw material. 

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  • Turning, milling, and mechanical adjustment

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