Machinery and tools industry

Machinery and tools industry

In serving industry we operate in providing serial and non-serial parts. We manufacture machined parts comprising or not heat treatment and surface finishing.

CNC machines together with constantly updated cutting tools allow us to manufacture simple or more complex parts with tolerances of minors position.

The machinery industry is one of the sectors where we serve by providing complex machined parts and also welded and already plainted assemblies and plating. We work providing parts and machining services, adding finishing services, treatment, and small assemblies of produced parts.

We also work with the machining of tools for cutting and bending and machining of serial parts for various industries, as well as repair parts for tools. 

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  • Machinery and tools industry
  • Machinery and tools industry

Case study

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Drive axle machining

The axis is responsible for tire traction and expansion in manufacturing thereto. The parallelism variation of the axis and, in particular, of the knurled can displace or expel the tire from the machine.

Machining hardened tool steel D6

The client came to Paesi and reported that had been having several problems in the supply of these vanes both in quality and costs. Suppliers had serious difficulties in machining the material because of its hardness and strength, which increased much time spent on the operation and tooling costs.

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