Agricultural equipment industry

Agricultural equipment industry

Agricultural industry is constantly growing and seeking new technologies and processes that can reduce production costs. We operate in supplying several industries providing parts and assemblies for assembly lines and spare parts for tractors and agricultural implements.

We work in partnership with customers and suppliers seeking the best results and ensuring compliance with  delivery times through the purchasing and production of cost-effective batches. We maintain internal inventory for costumer service.

Among the products supplied we can highlight: hydraulic drive assemblies, fuel caps, bearings, rods level, rods, hydraulic assemblies, tank mounting straps, pads, axles and various bushings. 

The provision of assemblies for agricultural machinery arose from the need of the manufacturer to receive pre-assembled assemblies directly for the assembly line from suppliers, thus eliminating internal manufacturing processes, assembly and management, as well as inventory turnover. Paesi Metalúrgica proposed to provide the customer assemblies, and together with the customer has developed its work methodology and improved its facilities to serve them better. New partnerships with suppliers have also been developed to make delivery possible. We have initially started providing hydraulic drive assemblies. 

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Case study

Conheça alguns estudos de caso relacionados a esta área:

Machining hydraulic drive axle for tractors

Being a part that applies in a wide variety of machines, the drive shaft has to be produced continuously and in large quantities.

Shackle assembly

In assembling subassemblies for tractors makers, a great difficulty is the administration of the problems encountered in the assembly of subassemblies , which once detected cause assembly lines to stop and there is not enough time for finding a solution.

Machining push-in fittings

The machining is performed on multiple cars CNC lathes, by working directly with the bar of stainless steel, which reduces the downtime between the manufacture of each piece.

Machining spacer tube

Part used in mounting assemblies for agricultural machinery. Machining performed on multiple cars CNC lathe. Performed from 4m tubes, wherein the part comes out ready.

Machining insert for rubber with internal thread

Production is carried out from 4m long bar on multiple cars CNC lathe. The machine allows several tools to work simultaneously, significantly reducing production time.

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