Development, production, and supply of assemblies

Development, production, and supply of assemblies

Besides developing machining processes and welding, we also work in the development, assembly, and supply of technical assemblies on the client product, wherein through internal processes and of a chain of about 50 suppliers, we can provide integrated solutions for customers. Assemblies involving several currently available processes.

Providing assemblies started from a partnership with our agricultural machinery customers. Today we provide assemblies for assembly lines of tractors, harvesters, and agricultural implement, as well as technical assemblies for the machinery industry . (hydraulic drive lever assemblies and several other mechanical assemblies). 

Through an extensive supply chain we provide our customers solutions comprising cut, bend, injection, casting, finishing, treatment, assembly, machining, and gluing. We work in partnership with suppliers seeking mutual understanding to produce the best products and best conditions, eliminating the need for the client to manage a wide range of processes and suppliers. 


Solutions provided

  • Parts supply involving: machining, cutting, bending, surface finishing, heat treatment, injection, die casting, investment casting, MIG welding, and brazing. 

  • Providing technical assemblies for machines and implements.

  • Spare parts supply.


  • Bench mounting with pneumatic tools

  • 2 MIG welding machines 

  • 2 brazing welding machines

  • 1 spot welding machine 



  • Preassembled assemblies that allow quick mounting on the machine

  • Quality assured 

  • Reduced flow of parts and suppliers for the customer 

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  • Development, production, and supply of assemblies
  • Development, production, and supply of assemblies

Case study

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Shackle assembly

In assembling subassemblies for tractors makers, a great difficulty is the administration of the problems encountered in the assembly of subassemblies , which once detected cause assembly lines to stop and there is not enough time for finding a solution.

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